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Sculpture in Motion

Themed exhbition: Sculpture in Motion Opening on Sunday, April 17, 2024 at 2:30 PM by Johan Luijmes, artistic director of Het Depot. On display until Sunday September 22, 2024. Location:…

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Upcoming: Petra Boshart

In Villa Hinkeloord you can admire Petra Boshart's solo exhibition from June 16 to January 26, 2025. Petra Boshart comes from a family of stonemasons and is an old acquaintance…

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A warm welcome to Het Depot Sculpture Gallery, the museological stage for contemporary sculpture. Our collection of works consists of torsos and fragments of the human body. We house over 600 art works, which you are allowed to touch!

We have two permanent exhibitions and show different temporary exhibitions throughout the year. These exhibitions are housed in our three extraordinary locations, which are connected by two beautiful arboreta (botanical gardens devoted to trees). You can also find some of our sculptures in these gardens.

The artist takes center stage

The aim of the Het Depot Foundation is to support individual artists so that they can develop their talents and themselves. To this end, Het Depot undertakes, among others, the following activities:


  • Organizing solo and thematic exhibitions in Het Depot Sculpture Gallery
  • Publishing monographs of sculptors
  • Providing grants to sculptors
  • Commissioning new work 

We also offer educational tours for institutions, individuals and schools, and organize activities such as lectures and concerts around sculpture and related themes.


Het Depot is all about sculpture, and about people. People are central to our work: by people, for people.


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Utopa Foundation

Het Depot emerged from the ideals of the Utopa Foundation. With its own initiatives, the Utopa Foundation offers people space to develop their creative talents and themselves.


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