About Het Depot

Utopa and its vision

Sculpture gallery Het Depot emerged from the ideals of the Utopa Foundation. At the Utopa Foundation, people's development opportunities take center stage, from child to artist. Utopa invests in the creative talents of people, where the talent of individuals, for whatever reason, does not get a chance. With attention, space, time and respect for our environment, we make the world a little better together.

Our society places heavy emphasis on certain values, but in doing so places others in the shadows. The Utopa Foundation contributes to compensating for these imbalances. Utopa does this with its own initiatives, such as Het Depot, and by supporting other projects. In this way, Utopa contributes to a society where there is room for the development of every person.


More information about the Utopa Foundation can be found here: www.utopa.nl 

Focus areas

Person to person

  • inequality in society
  • children and youth
  • people with disabilities
  • emancipation and ‘demancipation’

People and work

  • labour philosophy
  • craftsmanship

People and their environment

  • archeology and history
  • monuments
  • sculpture
  • music

People and nature

  • plants and trees
  • arboreta

Utopa's origins

However much the Utopa Foundation and the Topa Group are linked by the ownership relationship, the commercial control over the Topa Group does not rest with the foundation. The connection between the Utopa Foundation and the Topa Group is like a coin: two sides that do not see each other but still belong together. Two different faces that together form a unity. The Utopa Foundation is a public benefit institution (ANBI).


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